Moloneys Pharmacy will be providing the Covid Vaccine when it is made available to us.  

At the moment, the vaccine is being offered to frontline healthcare workers, people over 70 and residents of long term care facilities. These are being administered by GP's and HSE vaccination teams. Pharmacies have not been involved yet in the vaccination process but we expect to be able to offer vaccination to patients in the next few months, according to the HSE guidelines.

We expect that we will be offering the Astra Zeneca vaccine, and possibly the Johnson and Johnson vaccine when that becomes available.  Pharmacists and staff are currently awaiting vaccination themselves in order that we can safely offer vaccination to patients.   We are also ungoing training on administering the vaccine.

We are waiting for further guidelines from the HSE on how the rollout of the vaccine will be organised.  Patients will either be able to register online through a HSE website, or we will be able to register patients online for vaccination in our pharmacy if the HSE is not providing this service.  Details will be posted here as they are finalised.

Interested patients can click on the buttons below to get further HSE advice on the available Covid vaccines