Moloneys Pharmacy offers Covid 19 vaccination.
Janssen and Pfizer vaccines available.

UPDATE 27/7/21: We have over 800 clients still on our waiting lists.  However most of these have already been vaccinated by other centres but we have no way of knowing who is still waiting on a vaccine.  Clients can help us by
1. Confirming they have not received a vaccine by clicking on the "I'm still waiting on a Covid vaccine" button below.
2. Cancelling a registration by clicking on the "Cancel a vaccine registration" button below.
Clients who have not registered for a covid vaccine at Moloneys Pharmacy can still register by clicking on the REGISTRATION button below.

We now have a choice of Covid 19 vaccines
Janssen is the one shot vaccine.  We are taking registrations for all age groups over 18.
Pfizer is a two shot vaccine - we will schedule your second shot about 4 weeks after your first vaccine.  We are following the HSE rollout plan.  At present we can offer vaccination to over 18's.  Our registration system will take details of those under 18, but we will not be in a position to offer these a vaccine until the HSE registration system has been updated to allow us to register clients under 18 who receive a vaccine.  Clients between 16 and 18 can now register on the HSE registration system.

Patients will need to complete the online form in order to register for the vaccine - it will look for personal information and health details which we will need to register you on the HSE vaccine system, and to make sure that you are able to receive the Covid vaccine.

Following registration, we will contact you with appointment details. This may not be for a few weeks as we need minimum numbers to run clinics and we are dependent on supplies allocated by the HSE.
 Please note - we cannot send confirmation texts or emails on registration - you will only hear from us when we can offer you a vaccine.

If you have difficulty filling out online forms, please ring the pharmacy at 021/4772130, leave your name and number, and we will contact you to go through the online questionnaire.

Patients can register by clicking on the button below.