Moloneys Pharmacy offers Covid 19 vaccination.
Pfizer vaccine only available.


The pharmacy phase of the Covid Vaccine rollout is now being wound down.  Deliveries of covid vaccines to pharmacy will stop shortly.  We have only limited capacity for first doses after Friday October 15th.  Registrations can still be made until Wednesday 20th October, and we will contact you before the October Bank Holiday if we are able to look after you.  1st doses will definitely stop after 26th October.

We will be able to offer a second dose to anyone who has already received a first dose from us, or who has been booked in for a first dose.

Registrations for Covid Vaccination will still be available through the HSE booking site

We can still offer the Pfizer 2 shot vaccine.  Registrations have slowed down so new clients may have to wait a little until we have sufficient numbers to run a clinic.  Clients can register using the link below.  The Janssen one shot vaccine is no longer available.
Clients will need to complete the online form in order to register for the vaccine - it will look for personal information and health details which we will need to register you on the HSE vaccine system, and to make sure that you are able to receive the Covid vaccine. 

Please note - we cannot send confirmation texts or emails on registration - you will only hear from us when we can offer you a vaccine.

We can now offer a Pfizer vaccine to any child over 12.   We have only limited capacity as the consent process takes a little more time.  Clients can register using the link below (same link as the adult link).  Clients will have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the appointment, and will have to fill out a specific consent form on the day.  

Clients may also register with the HSE on their online portal, and are likely to be offered a vaccine faster.  However, the pharmacy environment is quieter, with less people in attendance.  This may be more suitable to children who may have difficulty coping with a crowded setting.  It may also be more suitable to parents who may have difficulty in getting to a vaccination clinic.  We welcome registrations from anyone with a particular need or difficulty.  Any medical need, special requests or further information can be entered during the registration process with the "other comments" question.
If you have registered, and subsequently receive an appointment from the HSE, please cancel your registration using the dedicated link below.


We have contacted, or tried to contact, everyone on our waiting list.  If you have registered, but have not yet received an appointment from us, please ring us on 0214772130 or complete the "I'm still waiting on a covid vaccine" link below.

If you have difficulty filling out online forms, please ring the pharmacy at 021/4772130, leave your name and number, and we will contact you to go through the online questionnaire.

Clients can register by clicking on the button below.